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Welcome to the Eastern Mediterranean University Institutional Repository (EMU I-REP). The University supports Open Access movement and is committed to disseminating the results of its research and scholarship as widely as possible. The EMU I-REP consists of full text academic research results and educational materials produced in the university.

Searching: If you wish to search the EMU I-REP, you can enter search terms in the search box or browse by Collections of the Communities. Please use Turkish characters when searching for Turkish publications, authors or key-words.

Submitting: If you are a member of EMU and wishing to submit your work into EMU I-REP, please refer to the Submitting Guide.

For further information and assistance, please refer to the EMU I-REP Team members:

Osman SOYKAN (0392 630 1417), Canay ATAOZ (0392 630 2741), Necla CENGIZOGLU (0392 630 1506), Arzu TALAYKURT (0392 630 1508), Senal AMCA (0392 630 2754)

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